Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia, the Pearl of Porto-Vecchio: Immersing yourself in a Corsican Paradise

In the south of Corsica, bordered by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, lies a hidden treasure of the island of beauty: the beach of Santa Giulia. With its golden sand, its turquoise waters and its enchanting atmosphere, Santa Giulia is a little corner of paradise that you will not want to miss during your visit to Porto-Vecchio.

Golden Sand and Turquoise Waters

Santa Giulia beach is renowned for its dazzling golden sand, soft underfoot, inviting relaxation and seaside leisure. The waters around this beach are an incredibly clear turquoise blue and offer ideal swimming conditions. Whether you want to bask in the sun, swim in the crystal clear waters or enjoy water sports, Santa Giulia has it all.

A Paradise for Water Sports

For water sports enthusiasts, Santa Giulia is an ideal playground. Visitors can enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, snorkelling, and even water skiing. The bay’s calm, shallow waters make it safe and fun for families and beginners, while experts can challenge the waves with enthusiasm.

Underwater exploration

The beauty of Santa Giulia is not limited to the surface. The seabed is home to a fascinating underwater world, offering divers an unforgettable experience. The corals, colorful fish and clarity of the water will amaze you. You can join a diving excursion to further explore these captivating waters.

The Walk Around the Bay

For nature lovers, a walk around the bay of Santa Giulia is an unmissable experience. You will be surrounded by fragrant Corsican maquis, arbutus trees and umbrella pines. The coastal path offers spectacular views of the sea and surrounding islands, creating an ideal setting for a romantic stroll or photographic escape.

Gastronomy and Relaxation

To top off this idyllic day, don’t miss the opportunity to savor the local cuisine at one of the beachside restaurants. Fresh seafood, Corsican specialties and local wines will offer you a feast for the taste buds. It’s a perfect way to end an unforgettable day in Santa Giulia.

Kscolta: The Soul of Corsica in Music

Before heading to Santa Giulia beach, make sure to prepare a perfect soundtrack for your day using Kscolta, the streaming platform dedicated to Corsican productions. With more than 800 titles, it will transport you to the unique atmosphere of Corsica and complete your experience in Santa Giulia.

Santa Giulia is much more than a beach, it is a dream destination, a place where natural beauty combines with the Corsican art of living. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this corner of paradise when you visit Porto-Vecchio.


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